Playing piano while Singing – An Interview with Alyson Eckmann

There are many talents which I admire. When someone has the gift of a beautiful voice. When someone TRAINS and works hard to develop a talent not necessarily born with – years of dedication and work, perfecting and learning.

Singing is one of those talents I wish I had. I have been playing piano for over 15 years but have never sung while playing. I worked hard to become an excellent piano player and teacher. And I am proud of those efforts. But I have never been able to sing. It is a craft I have not mastered or pursued, and certainly I was not born with a talent for singing.  I always wished that I could sing though. I always want to burst into song while I play, there is something spiritual about it.  I sat down with a friend, Alyson Eckmann, who is talented both as a guitar player, piano player AND singer. Truly a triple threat, this young American girl who now lives in Madrid, Spain is an inspiration for all young girls wanting to “become something”.  I interviewed Alyson Rae Eckmann last week and asked her some questions about her experience.

Me: Aly, how long have you been playing piano for?
Aly: I have been playing piano since I was a kid. I think my first toy was a small piano for babies and my parents said that I wouldn’t play anything else.Me: Have you always been a gifted singer?Aly: Hardly! I used to sing a lot as a kid because my mom loved singing in our church. I always wished I could sing like she did. I asked my parents to put me into singing lessons to try to perfect my voice and they did just that. I sang for years and never was any good at it, but as I became an adult, I learned the vocal exercises and really practiced until I was able to hit all the notes. I still have a lot of improvement to make.Me: Do you play any other instruments?Aly: Yes! I started learning to play the guitar as a kid. I always liked to sit around the campfire and pluck away on my dad’s guitar. I was raised in a very musical family so music has always been ingrained in me since I was just a kid.  Singing and playing instruments makes me feel at peace. I think music is something very spiritual and I always want to be closer and feel closer to that.  Aly is so talented and recently released a new music video with a new hit single which you should check out on youtube. We look forward to seeing Alyson’s career flourish as the years go by.

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