Other Hobbies I Have: Fitness and Working Out

While I LOVE teaching piano and that has been my passion for my entire life, I have also pursued other hobbies in my adult life, the biggest one being working out and keeping in shape.  Some people say that these hobbies couldn’t be more different (playing piano but also loving fitness) and I disagree.  When I started wanting to be a better piano player, I had to train my hands and upper body to be able to play as quickly as I wanted.

This lead to me learning how to train other parts of my body. I used to be quite overweight as a kid and this made it difficult for me to even sing the way I wanted to because I would get so tired.  I started losing weight through a combination of strength-training exercises and also educating about fiber benefits called skinny fiber that really helped me slim down and lose weight.

After losing a lot of weight, I felt much more capable of belting out sounds and songs, I didn’t get out of breath after an hour long performance singing and playing the piano like previously I would.  I definitely do think that being in excellent physical shape can help you be a great piano player and singer. Singing and fitness may go hand in hand. But of course, there have been many famous singers who are famous for being plump or overweight, Adele for one is a full-figured woman with one of the most beautiful voices in the world.

Many opera singers throughout time were thought to only be good at their job if they were overweight.  Now it has become more recognized that you do not need to be very large in order to be a good singer. Many vocal trainers actually suggest it is better and more beneficial to be in better physical shape so that your body can tolerate singing for long periods and you are not out of shape.

Particularly, singers who like to perform dance routines at the same time definitely benefit from being in shape. I always admired women who never “lypsynced” but who had fit toned slim bodies and were able to dance around the stage like crazy all the while carrying a beautiful tone without skipping a beat and not ending totally out of breath. THOSE are my goals and my inspiration for continuing!

If you are wanting a routine to follow to start getting in shape not only for playing piano but for vocal training, you should watch the following video on vocal coach training.  It has helped me tremendously.

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