Exercising and Daily Routines for Playing Piano

Many people have asked me if there are any exercises that they can do on a daily basis to have strength built up to play the piano flawlessly.

The answer is YES. I am an avid exerciser because I have a genuine passion for health and fitness. But aside from that, even people who do not actively purse exercise for their entire body (and I recommend that you do!), they can train specifically the hands so that you will not tire after hours of playing the piano in concert or even simply practicing.

Once you become an expert at playing the piano, you will be required to use rapid movements and must have strong fingers and hands to move as fast as the sheet music requires you to play. You cannot expect to become an expert in this craft if you do not have strong fingers and hands.  I recommend doing exercises at least 20 minutes a day for optimal performance.

Here is a great video demonstrating some daily training routines you can implement to start strengthening your hands and fingers starting TODAY! Tell me how you like them and how you feel after doing these exercises for two weeks.  Looking forward to reading and responding to your comments! Enjoy the video!

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