All About Me

Hi!  I’m Rebecca!  Welcome to my site, where I post my musings, achievements, failures, and ideas about being a piano teacher.  Please leave behind your wisdom and ideas when you visit!

A little bit about me:

I started taking piano lessons at the age of 5. To be honest, I was not interested in the piano at that time. For some reason, I desperately wanted to see inside the house of my brother’s piano teacher. I didn’t think my mom would let me go inside just to look, so I devised the perfect plan in a 5 year old mind: take piano lessons! My mom consented, and I found I really liked the piano.

A few years later, playing with my friends seemed more exciting so I begged to quit the piano. Thankfully, my mom would not allow that to happen! I continued with piano lessons, participating in Certificate of Merit conventions as well as Guild Auditions.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Curatorial Studies from Brigham Young University, but have found that teaching piano is a better fit for my life than working in a museum. I have taught piano lessons on and off through the years and recently have built up a full time studio in my home. I also teach group lessons at a private school with another teacher’s curriculum.

I LOVE the piano and will always be indebted to my wonderful piano teacher for helping me develop a talent that truly brings me joy.

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