Getting Back on the Nutrition Track

When Sedentary Piano Lifestyle!you have a job that focuses on sitting in a chair and playing piano, sometimes I am hardly getting in any exercise on a daily basis. Between teaching piano lessons to my students, practicing piano for my own benefit, doing recitals, and any paperwork I need to do on the computer… Working out can be a challenge.

For this reason, it is more important than ever that I have a healthy diet and do not eat too much. Because if I am working out a lot, I can eat more and maintain my weight. But when I am leaving us eventually lifestyle and not exercising, I still find myself eating a lot of high calorie foods that are high in carbs and sugar. For this reason, I decided to dive into a nutrition plan using portion control containers found at this source. There have been many different workout program that I enjoy the recommend using this type of system to learn about proper portion sizes and not overdo it. I ordered myself a kid of seven different color-coded containers that you are supposed to use each day to track your caloric intake. Every color represents a different food group. You can have four different read containers a day as red stands for protein.

You can fill these containers with things like Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, tuna, or other types of lean meats. You can also have four servings of vegetables each day and two servings of fruits. You will have small amounts of healthy fats such as hummus or almonds and olive oil in small quantities. But you can only have between 2 to 3 small portions of carbohydrates each day. One portion size of holy past that is only half a cup. Most people have up to 2 cups of past that when they are having dinner. That is actually for portions of carbs and might be the reason people aren’t losing weight. Anyways, I hope that using these containers is going to give me a new outlook on nutrition and healthy eating while I am not living and active lifestyle.