Continuing my Country Music Piano Journey..

In recent posts, I’ve discussed how much I’ve enjoyed doing the new Country Heat dance workout program to try to lose weight after being inspired to learn new tunes on the piano. I’ve started playing a few of Taylor Swift’s old songs like “Red” and it has been a blast to play those songs while belting out the songs myself.  Music is healing and it has allowed me to feel more free, energetic and happy.  When I am not stressed, I eat less and don’t binge eat comfort foods like I do when I am sad or depressed.

Doing the Country Heat program has been challenging. Not the dancing part which I find to be a total blast, but sticking to the nutrition part and following the diet.  I’ve been using the Country heat containers and following the 1400 calorie plan which is right for my body size and my target weight.  But since I think I am used to eating around 2500 calories or more a day, the struggle has been real as I’m eating a lot less than I am used to.  But I have been doing the workouts and am currently on my third week.  I guess if I were to make a Country Heat workout review about my results, I would say that this program has helped me lose around 10 pounds in just three weeks which is pretty remarkable for someone who has stayed the same weight for over 5 years.  I have a lot more to go but it certainly is a start for me.  Using the containers provided in the program has also been helpful as I am not overeating and am making sure to get in all of my vegetables.

The hardest part about the program is making myself stick to it and doing the workouts each morning. I have a tendency to procrastinate and that just won’t work.  One of the ways I keep myself motivated is to put a picture of my target body and goal weight on my fridge. That way, I always have an image ready to look at when I get distracted and I won’t eat badly or be tempted to order a pizza for dinner.  I really do like the Country Heat program, I just need to be consistent and I know I’ll get my dream results soon enough.