Playing Country Tunes on the Piano: My New Challenge!

I’ve always preferred classical music for playing on the piano or new pop tunes like Adele. But lately, I have been addicted to listening to Taylor Swift and trying to learn some of her songs on the piano, which has allowed me to branch out entirely and wonder if I can actually produce some quality country-sounding tunes of my own on the piano!

take-me-home-country-roadGenerally country music is associated with acoustic guitar, but I don’t see how the two have to be mutually exclusive.  Some of the old classics I’m sure you know, and it’s been a total hit.  I’ve also recently started dancing lessons as I want to be a triple threat in my industry and be able to play piano, sing and dance a well.

A lot of you know about my struggles with my weight, which is another reason that spurred me onto playing country tunes on the piano.  I recently started a new diet and exercise program that is centered around dancing to country music!  This dance workout program is called Country Heat and it is an absolute blast!  There are 7 different workouts that you do and you complete one each day. Every Sunday is my rest day from exercise and I try to focus on some yoga and relaxation in addition to playing the piano.

On the days that I am exercising, I’m just enjoying moving and dancing to the tunes – anyone who enjoys country music knows how fun it is to line dance and rock your hips back and forth.  You’re burning calories without even having to try too hard. And it certainly doesn’t feel like exercise at all.  I also know that I need to be healthy and have a good diet or all my efforts will be for nothing.  That’s why I’m following the nutrition plan included in the Country Heat program. I’m using these special containers that are designed to help you learn about what is a “normal” portion size and to not over eat or over indulge.  That part is harder than the working out which is just good old fashioned fun and dancing.

I’m going to try to learn to play some of the songs in the workout videos on the piano for kicks as well. Overall, I’m happy with my progress and continuing on as usual!