Becca – Piano Player and Nutritionist!

So it has been a week since my last post and I decided to update you on my progress of my new nutritionists and dietitians hobby, which has developed into a service that I am offering different students who are interested in losing weight and getting a better body. I recently have discovered a new diet solution that has helped my uncle lose about 40 pounds in six months. He has always been a big man, he has always been overweight as long as I have known him. He used to laugh about it a lot like it was something funny, when he would reach for his fifth don’t had the family gatherings. But in reality, he was surprised and embarrassed by his weight.

A summer party last week, we saw my uncle for the first time in half a year and everyone was shocked by how good he looked. It was funny because my uncle who normally reaches for the cake and needs all of it in under an hour, actually brought his own assortment of solids to share with the family.  We asked him what his secret was and how he had lost so much weight in such a short amount of time. He told us that he had started going on a diet.

But when this hormone is extracted it can be used to help remove five in people who are not pregnant by need to lose weight. This diet alone combined with healthy eating and taking the drops each day has helped my uncle lose so much weight. So I am excited to try this diet with some of my new clients who are in similar situations as my uncle.My uncle is teaching the rest of the family about the diet, and he says it is difficult to follow because you can only consume 800 cal each day. Normally he used to consume about 3000 cal a day so this is very surprising for the rest of the family. The diet limits the amount of carbohydrates you can consume and instead focuses on eating a lot of vegetables, fruits, and proteins like a turkey, chicken, lean beef and fish.

We asked my uncle if he is exercising all in addition to eating healthier and taking the diet drops, but he said that he hates to exercise so really it has been swimming in his swimming pool, going to play golf with his friends, and going fishing. By none of these exercises are strenuous or difficult and in fact they are hobbies, he now has more energy to do all of these activities and also to play with his children at the park and play football with them on occasion. So the hCG diet is an excellent tool for losing weight but not necessarily having to exercise as well.